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Isha Info Services is a web design and hosting company. We specialise in providing affordable website solutions for small and medium businesses, entrepreneurs, startups, and individuals. Our services include web design and development; eCommerce store creation; website management; security and maintenance of websites.

Why choose us?

It is essential to have a website that promotes your products or services. Presenting yourself on the web in an attractive manner increases your chances of being found by potential customers online. Furthermore, having a site where you can give and receive feedback from customers will increase customer retention and their loyalty towards you as well. To create a successful website that attracts clients, you need to know how to get the most out of it. That means understanding all aspects of web development, from site design through appropriate headings & content related to your products and services.

What we offer to our website clients

Web design and hosting services

Isha Info Services offers unrivaled web design and hosting on the fastest servers. Our server uptime is 99.99%. We offer flexible payment plans for all needs.

Affordable websites for small & medium business

Your website is the only source to presence online. Your business is open 24 hours with a one time investment, compare to establishment expense it is very cheap and affordable for everyone.

Choosing right domain for our clients

We help our clients to choose the right domain for their business needs, and the name of their service or product. Advice on Choosing a Domain Name: Some tips and tricks to consider when picking one.

We offer free custom domain

You can use our website to get a custom domain. We offer different types of custom domains, and it can be confusing finding the best ones.

Free SSL security for lifetime

We are a web design company that offers SSL security for our clients domain names. When you purchase a domain from us, we provide lifetime free SSL protection for your site.

What we use to build your website?

We build our websites with Divi WordPress builder & Brizy WordPress builder. We offer these frontend builder to edit your website very easily like a play. We offer a lifetime update for these softwares.

Free Domain Based Email Addresses

We offer free domain based email services according to your hosting plan. We provide you hosting control panel for your domain from there you can create your email IDs and control all your email ID’s

Website Content Creation

Website content creation is not a simple task, we have to work long hours, days without stop in order to create right content for your products and services. We collect all the information from our clients and create right content for their web-sites.

What kind of websites we do

We can do all kind of websites for your business. Our experienced team will help you to choose the best website design or build a blog and web pages page for you. We have wide range of services from e-commerce to mobile optimised web development and many more.


We do all kind of websites for business establishments. We can create a website for your shop, showroom, trading firm, distributor or stockist. You will be able to publish the information about your establishment on your website and other users will find it very easy to access as well as read and share the information.

Real Estate

We are a successful web builder in E-commerce Websites for shops, traders, manufacturing sectors to sell products and services directly to customers online. We have been providing the best quality of work at affordable rates and we are ready to work on your project.


We are a successful web builder in E-commerce Websites for shops, traders, manufacturing sectors to sell products and services directly to customers online. We have been providing the best quality of work at affordable rates and we are ready to work on your project.

Service Oriented Websites

Websites for Advocates, Charted Accountants, Tax Consultants, Workshops, Electrical, Plumbing, Broker and consultant websites. A good website can also help you meet potential clients who are visiting online search engines like Google or Yahoo!


We build educational websites. You can share information about online and offline courses, conduct online classes and students are wherever doesn’t matter, Isha Info has many solutions for education institutions. Explore your teaching infrastructure and faculty from your website, explain your courses and features and their benefits to students.


If you are looking for an online appointment scheduling system, then we have the best solution. We have developed a simple and easy-to-use online appointment scheduling website that is affordable and highly effective at managing your appointments with ease.


The internet has made it easier to find business information, also find products and services. A website can be created listing the best business directory websites like online directories for business directories, industrial directories, city wise business directories and many more.

Blogs & Portfolio Websites

Blogger is the most popular platform for creating a blog. Bloggers can use Blogger to create a professional looking website to share their thoughts, opinions and stories with the world. Our designers will build you an attractive website that’s easy to navigate so you can easily post new content regularly and promote your business online. We also offer customisation options if you need additional support beyond our standard services.

Catalogue and Brochure Websites

Online cattalogue is a webpage that provides information about your company. It is a perfect tool for building your brand image, attracting more customers to the website. We create real estate brochures, and new product and services launching e-cattalogues.

Websites for Non Profit Organisations

We build websites for non profit organisations and other organisations that have a social responsibility. We create simple, clean and responsive websites with no unnecessary features and lots of functionality.

Spiritual & Meditation Websites

We build meditation websites and spiritual sites for people to communicate the information. We are based in India, we can provide you with the best service for your website, so you can get many benefits from it.


Membership websites can be used to connect members of a club, social media groups and associations. Many clubs have joined together to create one large membership website that allows all their members to access their details such as contact information, photos and much more.

Our Feature Products

Isha Info Services is one of the leading web-related products and services providers in India. Our team of highly qualified developers, designers and marketers are always ready to help you with your web development needs. We have a wide range of products that can help promote your business & products at higher levels, solutions for email automation, e-commerce solutions and many more exploring here.

Just pay once and run your business lifetime.

Open an online store within a day so that you can start selling your products. We built your store in 24 hours.

Online shopping is taking over the industry, and headless e-commerce stores are leading the way. These stores do not have a physical store but rely on software to process orders and manage inventory. This eliminates the need for human interaction, which can save both time and money. Additionally, headless e-commerce stores can be accessed from any device or computer, making it easier for customers to purchase products without leaving their homes.

You can grow your physical store by adding your online e-commerce store, making it available 24 hours a day and allowing your dead stock to be sold at reduced prices.

Design & Hosted by Isha Info

Web Stories

Reach The Largest Audience Ever

Web Stories is a way to present your product or service conversationally and humanly on the mobile browser. We bring your stories to browsers and allow your message to be read and then interacted with in a way that creates a real connection with the viewer.

Project catalogues for real estate




Cloud Accounting Software

Manage your business accounts from one centralised dashboard., All your accounting data will stored in a cloud server with SSL secured.

Cloud computing is one of the most far-reaching technology revolutions in history and it is revolutionising small businesses. Cloud accounting software allows you to access your business information anywhere, anytime—from the office to your home computer. It even has real-time updates, so you will never miss an important update to your finances.

See live action demo on your smart phone:

Micro Sites

Micro landing pages are one of the most economical ways you can market your business, products and services.

Home-Based Business, Services

Drive more leads and sales from your micro sites

Create a microsite targeted at mobile devices that provides all of your contact information and business details. The site can be designed with social media integration so clients can easily share you with their friends.

Products & Stores

The ultimate life-saver for lazy shoppers

Brands are increasingly turning to mobile-first strategies. This is why you need to have a mobile website.

Your website is your storefront – and if you’re not optimising it for mobile, you’re missing out on an enormous opportunity.

Micro Sites For Everyone

Give people the chance to know you better yourself

Start an art blog, painting blog, or craft blog to document your art projects and share them with micro sites.

Motivators and Personal Development

Know the incredible benefits of micro sites and how you can get the best of them for your career.

Micro sites are the best way to present yourself and skill set with just few words, pictures and video and they are very easy to make with micro landing pages.

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Doctors / Healthcare

Saloon Shops

Fitness/ Gym / Yoga



Business Consultants

Appointment Websites for lifetime updates

Appointment website is a simple yet powerful automated booking specialist that works 24×7 to make sure your customers can book appointments or events and pay online even while you sleep! Our appointment website is the perfect solution for businesses that need to keep their customer base happy and book appointments quickly and easily.

Web Hosting

Isha Info Services is one of the best hosting companies in Hyderabad. Our hosting plans are suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. We have hosted servers located in the UK.

Our solutions help your business to achieve the service quality that you deserve, at an affordable price. We understand our customers’ concerns and we take action to solve them every time we come across an issue or client feedback, so do contact us if you require more information about our services.

We don’t make sales, we work hard and stay energetic to serve all our clients needs with 100% satisfaction rate.

Lifetime Hosting

We will take care of your hosting needs for life! No more monthly renewals! Your web site is important to you, so shouldn’t the hosting be as well? Lifetime Hosting takes care of it all with a one-time payment. No hidden fees, no contracts, no stress.





Best option for small businesses, start ups and personal projects

Unlimited space
Email support 24/7
SSD Storage
Option pre-installed WordPress
Free migration your existing website
Free SSL certificate
5 Email Id’s, each email id will get 5 GB space
Get FTP user name & password to upload HTML files




You pay a one-time payment and you are free from hosting renewals for lifetime.

Unlimited space
Email support 24/7
SSD Storage
Option pre-installed WordPress
Free migration your existing website
Free SSL certificate
5 Email Id’s, each email id will get 5 GB space
Get FTP user name & password to upload HTML files

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Incredible Support

Ravi Kumar Totla

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Isha Info serving us 24/7. Our websites are running smoothly without having any problem & issues.

Best Services

Ram Mohan

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We are with Isha Info from last 6 years. Always ready to solve issues in our website. They suggest more effective tools for our business.

Best Support


Vishnu Groups

We are very happy with our website. Isha Info designed such professional way to present our products & services.

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Isha Info Services is a web design and hosting company based in India with the aim of providing high-quality service to their worldwide customers.

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